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i'm married
one ok rock

i'm finally married although i'm just 31(probably 32 this new year) but actually i don't really care. that's how much i love my family. to live with a stranger after all those years is somehow...awkward & not something i'm looking forward too. i'm not a good cook & i have so many flaws that even my own family didn't realize i have it. to pretend to be okay in front of a new person is ... tiring. i'll try my best to be love

Asa Ga Kita
one ok rock
i've finally finish watching japanese drama Asa Ga Kita all 156 episode (15mnt/ep). the real reason to watch is because i'm a fan of Tamaki Hiroshi but gradually come to love this drama since 1st episode. no wonder it's a high rating drama. every episode is pack with great plot and acting from all character. from early episode, i'm impressed with the little girl Asa bring her character. she's a talented actress & will shine more in the future. i wonder if she is the one that acting with Ryu&Chinen in omyouji drama(can't remember the title). i'm not good at giving review so not gonna spoil the story.
i'm so in Love with Tamaki character aka Shinjirou. he's lucky he is born in a wealthy family. even thou he never help directly in the family business, only play music&meeting friends, but you can never get mad at him looking at his expression. so lovable with d positive carefree attitude&smile all the time. it will be different if he is the opposite of that, you might want to yell at him.
Shinjirou sickness began at 140something so the step by step sign they show is making me...arghh,afraid..& sad.
this is such a heartwarming story&exciting
i cry me eyes out when it happen..for real. i'm glad Shinjirou appear every episode. Tamaki is really talented. he's a learner. still an amateur from his early debut but he can a do any facial expression&any suitable voice now. hes a pro. man compare him to Johnny Depp in a unique way&diff character that they choose. looking forward to new project from Tamaki. even his japan tour show make him look so charming&manly.
now, Tamaki replace Kamenashi Kazuya 1st spot rank in me&my moms heart. so for me, its
1:Tamaki Hiroshi
2:Kamenashi Kazuya
3:Kamiki Ryunosuke

One Ok Rock new fan
one ok rock
im new. notice oor from youtube while browsing fullmetal alchemist op/ed last December. nowadays i keep searching for all their MV, performance & download all concert from 2011. adding all d song from all album, i would say i like 90% of it which is a lot. not just d song, i like d energy of d performance too. so much better than d original MV. this is d 1st time im liking a band without concern bout their personality or looks.

hopefully Taka voice will get so much better & full of energy & every member will b in good health like..forever

what should i say..? im not active in blog(clearly i dont know how to use it). i do have FB, insta&twitter. no postg in FB anymore, just scroll down & see what others r doin. since i love taking picture but got no camera(i lost it, japanense made), so i just taking from nokia phone. so my insta is full of cat pict&randomness coz i dont show myself in it. twitter is mostly just scrolling down & see what my ichiban r up too.
im a boring person
my earlier LJ is taking down by LJ bcoz no activity from me whatso ever, so this is just randomness


2013.05.17 [Another Sky] Kamenashi Kazuya in Paris
Originally posted by carshrimps at 2013.05.17 [Another Sky] Kamenashi Kazuya in Paris

2013.05.17 [Another Sky] Kamenashi Kazuya in Paris

Video (.avi): Mega: [ 1 ] | [ 2 ] | [ 3 ] | [ 4 ] [724MB] (c) KAL

Softsubs (.ass) by Anni & solo: [ MEGA ] | [ SHARED ]
with thanks to dungbrains for helping with the French. :)

You can also find the file here. You'll have to join the comm, but that's just a click away.

Enjoy! :)

Brand New Day
one ok rock
1st time creating this,
1st time posting this,
1st time making new thing...
not d last